Enjoying the View-Photography


Showings=Offers & Lots of Showings=Multiple Offers

Enjoying the View- Photography in Real Estate.  Creating superior images of your home is key for today’s internet savvy buyer.  Buyers are making decisions about your home based on the real estate photography and information they see.  Poor photography can deter showings on your home.  Presentation and pricing is key in attracting multiple showings.  So put the Iphone down and make sure you hire a Realtor that has experience in photography.

It’s a “Don’t tell it, Show it” market as you can see by the growing numbers attracted to sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  A good thing to remember is your first showings are online.  Michael Seiler, founder and director of the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University at Norfolk, VA states “Without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins, You have to grab people’s attention within two seconds.  Do it the way a billboard does.”  Bottom line your home needs to stand out with a great photograph!

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

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Jennifer Ciulla