My mom used to tell me that if I did nothing else in my home in a day, I should still always make my bed.  Over the years as I have grown older I have experienced the wisdom in her advice.  The bed is the centerpiece & focal point.  In staging or simply decorating I consider the room and the purpose of each.  A bedroom such as your master retreat or guest bedroom should be exactly that! A "retreat" is a place of comfort to relax and rest.   With some very easy and simple changes your bed can look luxurious in no time at all. 

Here my suggestions:

First, make sure your sheets match and are the proper size for your bed.  Sheets that are too small or too big do not create a smooth area.

Second,  add a textured quilt/blanket a size larger than your bed in a tone darker than your sheets.  For example, if your bed is a queen then purchase a king size.  I prefer following the same color and mixing different tones and textures.  This is simply my taste not the only way my any means.

Third, top off at the end with the fluffiest down blanket (or down alternative) a size larger than your bed also.  This helps your bedding to flow over the sides rather than being too short. I like to place this at the end, folded and fluffed so that all layers can be seen.

Your base pillows (the ones you sleep on) should be of the proper size for the bed.  These pillow should also be of equal firmness and size.  Your next layer of pillows should be of the highest fill possible. Flat old smashed pillows create an unflattering look.  Next add some accent throw pillows.  Your accent pillows should be an odd number and vary a bit in patterns and textures.  You can add a pop, by finding the color opposite on the color wheel to your bedding and bringing that in. I would still suggest that some your accent pillows still have the main color of your bedding in different tones as well. 

One of my favorite things I have learned is the "karate chop" method!  I prefer to purchase only feather filled (or down alternative) pillows when ever possible.  Find the bottom of the pillow (zipper or seam)  hold this side up so that your pillow is upside down.  Fluff your pillow as if you were pushing the feathers to top of the pillow (away from the zipper), then flip back up. Place in the space you intended and give it a light karate chop in the middle.  Hope that's not too confusing!  Look at the accent pillows in the after photo.

Bedskirts or the bottom of the bed should be flattering and flow with your theme.  

On a final note, there is nothing worse than uneven bedding lines along the sides or front of your bed.  Make sure these are straight and you will have a luxurious looking bed!

Share your before and afters as well or please leave comments!  I would love to hear your thoughts. The photos above are a real before and after.  I could have place some pretty images from "Pinterest" but that would not have been a reflection of the simple use of existing bedding.  I wanted to show an actual home that I helped prepare for listing.  This bachelor let me "girlify" his home to appeal to the current market for his area.  I provided tutorials in bed making and karate chopping free of charge.  I must say he was a very quick learner and is now a master bed maker.  He's going to make one lucky lady and fine husband someday.  I hope I am invited to the wedding.  Just sayin.