We never dreamed what a gift setting the Sienna Strong group would be 14 days ago. In the first 24 hours we (Jaime Phillips & I) had approved over 1500 member requests. Today we have 2800+ members. We have had front row seats to witnessing the best demonstration of sacrifice, love, & support for family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Strangers volunteering to go to that next house after a full day of exhausting labor, a community that gives so much food that we drive miles to give it to our neighboring communities because we have too much, sleepless nights, time away from our own homes & families that need attention, first emergency responders that worked without complaint long shifts with wet socks, LID & contract workers that slept in their cars, local businesses that have given and not hesitated at a moment’s notice even when they have had little to no customers for a week, and I could continue to go on (and those that know me know that I can). Thank you for reminding all of us that in a world that can seem filled with hate that there’s a place called Sienna Plantation a part of Houston that is filled with love bigger than the state of Texas.