What's a "Patio Pounder"?

A year ago, I was at a business dinner on the breathtaking coastline of Maui.  The setting was on a lovely patio offering views of a Hawaiian sunset as linen panels swayed from the ocean breeze.  The dimly lit chandeliers offered the perfect ambiance to what ended up being one of the most enjoyable dinners I had in quite some time. 

 I became very engaged in conversation with a couple at our table.  He was a "lover of wines".  His wine collection was so extensive that he had a bar-coded system to help him keep record of his inventory.  His wife, a "lover of only Pinot Noirs", could care less about the extensive collection nor the type of Pinot Noir she drank.  One evening, he returned home from work to find her in her normal spot enjoying a glass of wine. Paying notice to the particular bottle she had opened, he became somewhat distressed.  "Do you know what you are drinking?", he asked.   She was quick to reply, "a Pinot'.  "This is not a PATIO POUNDER!  It's a $400 bottle of wine!,  he exclaimed.  "Don't worry, I scanned the bar code." she said, and then giggled.

His story was very amusing which made them memorable.